Château de Tailly - Privatisation de château près de Meursault en Bourgogne

Actualités du Château de Tailly



Le 03 avril 2013

« An ancestral residence dating back to the early years of the 18th century, with the construction of the Pavillon de Chasse (hunting lodge), followed by the construction of the chateau in the 19th century under the rule of Napoleon 3rd. It was the property of the Champy family and its heirs, owners of the oldest wine estate in Bourgogne.

Following its purchase, great investments, a great deal of courage, physical effort, strong will and enthusiasm were necessary for this titanic task of renovation. A large part of the roof needed reparations, central heating was installed, air conditioning, sanitation, electricity, renewing of the magnificent parquet floors, ‘tromp l’œil’ decoration, maintenance of the awning-crowned front steps attributed to Gustave Eiffel.

To complete its charm, a swimming pool was created in the clearing where the sun reaches out its rays to welcome swimmers as well as sunbathers. Today the chateau lives again, to the great pleasure of lovers of old stones ! It remains a work in progress…

Throughout my youth, I was always attracted to old houses, comparing them to that of my godfather’s, where my parents often took me. My father grew up there and it was always such a pleasure for us all to go back there. Unwittingly, I had become wrapped up in its charms and the beauty of the grounds where I used to play with my cousins. Oh, the good old days !

I’m convinced that my childhood days spent at my godfather’s house are what kindled my desire to live in the enchanting atmosphere of the countryside, where life dances to the rhythm of the village’s church bells.

As time went on, I found myself becoming more and more attached to such places, which I feel should not be left to fade into oblivion, and I became more determined than ever to save them. A nurse by profession, I first came across Tailly while I was administering care in the neighbouring areas. The atmosphere and charm of the place and the aroma of wild garlic permeating from the forest park carried me back in time to my childhood. The property was in a state of total abandon due to the passage of time.

In the park, the magnificent trees, some of which are well over 100 years old (indexed in the forest guide book) with their impressive dimensions and rare essences, were growing in a chaotic fashion. Left to its own devices, nature allowed all sorts of wildlife to grow and prosper. Many species of animals are still to be found frolicking close to the main building : birds, squirrels and snails. Wild ducks splash about in the stream that runs through the park grounds, where roe deer, does and their fawn can be surreptitiously observed. »

Christine Cabaret