Château de Tailly - Privatisation de château près de Meursault en Bourgogne

Sissi Suite

Why name the suite overlooking the court of honour after Sissi ?
Facing the rising sun, this suite would have charmed the beautiful empress, had her horse-drawn carriage made a stop in Tailly. In spite of being just a simple, country girl, Elisabeth later became empress Sissi of Austria and Hungary. She would have loved the quiet charm of the room and would have been smitten by the regency bathtub with lion’s paws feet, nestled in the centre of the imperially decorated alcove.
She would have known the delights of an indoor, modern bathroom, in which her handmaid Fanny and herself would spend 3 hours daily on combing, brushing and plaiting her ankle length « ripe chestnut » coloured mane !
In the rustic park, the most beautiful empress in the world would have found the inspiration of a poem, maybe even this poem which she wrote at the height of her happiness :

" Née un dimanche, je suis fille de soleil ; ?De ses rayons d’or, il me fit un trône, ?De son éclat, me tressa une couronne ; ? Sa lumière est ma demeure sans pareil"  

(« Born on a Sunday, I am daughter of the sun.
It made me a throne with its golden rays
It plaited me a crown with its brilliance
Its light is my home without equal »)

Suite comprising 2 bedrooms :

Bathroom comprising :