Château de Tailly - Privatisation de château près de Meursault en Bourgogne

Hemingway bedroom

With the temperament of fire and a nonconformist spirit, this room was as much inspired by the avant-gardist work of American literature as the jazz culture, as evidenced by the symbols of the fifties that enhance the room. You can enjoy the comfort of a bathroom of which the likes our globe trotter could have only dreamed of : the invigorating stream of the showerhead and the Jacuzzi. With eyes half-closed, you can indulge in some reverie to the signature tunes of Duke Ellington wafting from the turntable. Swoon to the music of Count Basie or swing along to Ella Fitzgerald : smooth !

And finally, a spiritual retreat is guaranteed in the soft and cosy bedding : your dreams will be cradled on the shores of « the old man and the sea », where they will soar towards the green hills of Africa, the snow of mount Kilimanjaro, under the foliage of orchards in « the garden of Eden »

36m² bedroom for 2 comprising :